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With multiple years of experience in Google AdWords, That Online Geng a group of highly-specialised experts in the Google marketing & advertising system. Being one of the fastest growing AdWords specialised firms + academy in the region, we were hired to manage and coach more than 200 clients, including regional gurus and experts in various industries across South East Asia.

Profesionally-trained and sharing a close connection with Google, our aim is to provide the support and education needed by business owners and professionals to grow their businesses and careers in the world's largest search engine with the most direct way possible. With the right tools, direction and acumen in digital marketing, everyone at That Online Geng has delivered exceptional customer experience through outstanding business results.

The strategies outlined are meant to answer business and professional needs and complement other marketing and self-development efforts from a holistic perspective.

With our experience, we have compiled a set of clear & practical directives based on these core principles:

1. Research is KING
2. INSIDER SCOOP of Google Advertising
3. Comprehensive & TAILORED SOLUTIONS

that helps to deliver hassle-free solutions to clients, cut short the learning curve of participants in our mentorship programme & help participants reach their online goals.

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